Thank you, Nebraska.

 The 2020 Census
data collection period
has ended.

The 2020 Census is a simple form that determines funding and representation for our communities. An accurate census ensures our communities receive funding for schools, healthcare, housing, roads, and more.


The census happens once every 10 years. If our communities aren’t fully counted in the 2020 Census, we will miss out on political representation and important funding.

El Censo 2020 es una forma simple que determina la financiación y la representación para nuestras comunidades. Un censo preciso garantiza que nuestras comunidades reciban fondos para escuelas, atención médica, vivienda, carreteras y más.


El censo se realiza una vez cada 10 años. Si nuestras comunidades no están completamente contadas en el Censo del 2020, nos perderemos la representación política y la financiación importante.

What is the Census? 

The U.S. census, mandated by the U.S. Constitution since 1790, attempts to count every person living in the United States. Every 10 years, the Census Bureau gathers information like gender, age, race, and income. The results determine government representation and access to justice, and access to federal, state, and local funding.